Highly skilled Law-Office

Alt Kam Boer is a highly skilled law-office with outstanding lawyers  specialised in Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Administrative Law, Company Law and Supreme Court appeals (in Dutch: cassatie). For the latter Alt Kam Boer has a team of five specialists and twenty-one years of experience.

The  Supreme Court litigation team covers a wide range of civil law subjects including Family Law, Tort Law, Employment Law, Leases, Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Real Estate (including Rent), Procedural Law, Property law, Damages and Insolvency Law.

For more information about the Supreme Court litigation section contact mr. Jan Wouter Alt at alt@altkamboer.com

The Company Law matters are handeled by mr. Benito Boer (boer@altkamboer.com).

Contact for Civil Litigation and Employment law secretariaat@altkamboer.com

Our legal fees vary per hour.  Fixed fees or Legal Aid are possible in particular cases (i.e in particular cases for the Supreme Court).
Alt Kam Boer is a partnership of the following self-employed partners: (1). Alt Cassation & Litigation BV, CoC No. 27280929, including mrs. Alt, Jacobs, Van Dorp, Kousedghi, Strengholt Kerkman . (2). mr. B. A. Boer BV, CoC No. 27281109. including mrs. Boer and Van Gent.
Any liability by the firm, the partners and lawyers is limited  to the amount the insurance in the particular case will provide. The amount of the (maximum) coverage will be communicated on request.